Links in email notification on iPhone not working

When I get an email notification in iPhone, the link to the thread doesn’t do anything. Works fine on desktop and also the links on notifications from other forum softwares (e.g. Xenforo) work fine.

What browser are you using? Chrome? Safari?
btw what iPhone model?


iPhone 6s Safari using Spark email app

What email was it that the link didn’t work?

The summary email?

It’s all the post notification emails.

There is a blue button Visit Topic, that button is fine on desktop but not working on my phone.

Okay, I will have to try and replicate it - let’s also see if anyone is also facing this issue.

What is the URL that this button points to?

Edit: found it. It looks just like a normal forum URL to me:

@MrLucky to confirm, when you click this button, nothing happens? No page opens at all?

I actually see two links here (a link and a button). It looks like they both point to the same place:

Do both of these links show the same behavior?

Yes, neither link works. No browser window opens

Ok. It’s good that we’re collecting details here, but this issue is probably going to need to go over to because it’s an issue with the forum software in general.

Is it the same email on Desktop vs Mobile?

What mobile email client are you using?