LJ-Moods (New Plugin released)


LiveJournal blogs imported through Tools/Import/LiveJournal will save the optional status notes like your mood, music you were listening to, or location in custom fields. This plugin will look for those fields and display them, using smilies where possible, and emoji for the rest.

For example:

Current Mood: :hushed:anxious
Current Music: Some song from the 70s that I can’t quite place
Current Location: Starbucks

Location can optionally be linked to a Google Maps search. (I’m planning to add other maps in an upcoming release)

The appearance can be adjusted with custom CSS applied to .lj-moods-metabox

More documentation is available in the README.


You can download from the Plugin Directory or directly from GitHub:
lj-moods.zip (0.5.4)


If you have any problems, requests or suggestions, please contact me on the Plugin Support Forum or open an issue on the GitHub repository.


You can also download the plugin from LJ Moods on the ClassicPress Plugin Directory… or install the CP Directory Integration plugin to install it from your dashboard!


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