Login: Remember me

Below the login credentials there is this cryptic “remember me” that doesn’t mean anything at all.

  • Remember me for what, for how long and what for?

The correct syntax for such checkboxes is:

  • Remember me for XX days on this computer

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Author: John

Vote count: 21

Status: open


What is everyone’s thoughts on this? Should we improve it or remove it for security? Since I’m working on the login form, I can take a look at this. Especially if we can remove it, so the username isn’t being saved to the browser.

I don’t think this should be removed, that wouldn’t really improve security and it would definitely hurt convenience.

A good next step here would be to look into what this actually does and improve the wording. Maybe something like “Remember me for XX days on this computer”.


The “remember me” could be improved, honestly for 10+ years I always wonder how long does it remember?
But I don’t think it should be removed.

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