Longevity for CP

It takes a lot of courage to say the uncomfortable things. However, it’s important to surface them, or else they can’t be addressed appropriately. If potential users are uncertain, they probably won’t try or switch to ClassicPress. I’m sure your follow-up will be enlightening and well-received. Kudos for your honesty. …and happy new year to you, as well!


We’ve now published a roadmap for ClassicPress v1 and v2 at https://www.classicpress.net/roadmap/.


I was the same. Then I read this:

This was the critical statement for me:

“The first version of ClassicPress will be a long-term support (LTS) version. If you choose to, you can stay on this version for years to come. We won’t introduce any changes that could break compatibility with themes or plugins that support WordPress 4.9.x.”

So all the themes and plugins I currently use will be good for years to come. That gave me the confidence to go ahead and switch over all the sites I manage.


Security updates don’t concern you? Changes in code? php versions?

I am not sure I understand what you are asking, could you elaborate?

We have been on top of security updates, bumped the minimum php version and removed bloat code from CP.

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I fully trust the team to keep on top of security updates. It’s one of their highest priorities.

I understand the changes in code in V1 will be minimal, and they have committed to making no changes that might break any plugins or themes. V2 will see more changes I think, but since V1 is a long-term support version that shouldn’t be a problem.

Not sure what you mean by php version. They will be dropping support for php <= 5.5. No-one should be using these anyway. Or do you mean keeping on top of compatability with future php versions?


Regarding future versions of PHP we already have plans to support 7.3: https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/issues/263


In fact, if anything, I’d expect CP to become more secure than WP.


For me the longevity of CP will not depend on CP itself, but on specific plugin support, not only for version 1, I’m sure that all the plugins I use will work on version 1, but also into the future. There are simply some plugins that I cannot and will not do without, I think that they are too massive to expect some other dev to fork them and keep them running. I use specific plugins because they do what I need and I can trust the devs that maintain them not to abandon them. I have contacted those plugin devs to see if they are considering support of CP.

I work at an agency. I do not want to build sites for gooberbug. The future of this poorly thought out direction for WP is not where I want to take our clients. If it were my decision alone I would drop WP immediately and figure out what to do later. However, it is not my decision alone. I have to convince everyone that if we make a switch that we can continue to deliver the sites that our client’s need. Eventually, they will see that we cannot do this by sticking with WP, I already know this, but I’m far more future focused and I can see where it’s going to end up. Eventually they will have no choice but to move in a different direction, and as is usual, they will not see it until it jumps up and bites them in the ass, but right now I may as well be talking to a wall.

That said, I do believe that CP has an excellent future if it can get more commitment from the biggest plugins to support it not only in version 1 but into the future. As it is, some of the plugins I use don’t even include backwards compatibility for WP, and I don’t expect them to maintain it for even version 4.9.X, and there’s the rub.