Looking at the wp meta tickets for SEO-related changes in CP

I don’t know if a petition was made, but over the past months, the Yoast team members have been integrating Google Tag Manager into wordpress.org. They have opened a lot of meta tickets to describe the problems with the site’s SEO. Since that site runs WordPress, I wondered why some of that is not incorporated into core. (they have, on occasion, mentioned that there’s a plugin that could be used)

So I wanted to bring up the topic of looking at the meta tickets to see what could be changed in core CP.


Do you have some examples/links of the specific tickets youre talking about? That could help in the discussion.

I thought I typed my reply here, but it is on the other thread.

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I asked in WP Slack about SEO changes to core.

Dion Hulse [9:01 PM]
Pretty much every SEO related ticket we’ve seen has either been due to a) Not running core’s canonical or b) Something that should’ve been fixed in core, and usually has a ticket open from 5-10 years ago

Changed the title because meta in wordpress is used for the wordpress.org portal so was confusing.

I am already mantaining a list of tickets to merge to CP from the already released WP versions

There are also for 5.1 https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/issues/358 but we need to do it also for 5.2.

Anyway before works on integrate tickets that are not part of WP itself is better to evaluate and merge them or will be difficult to use to be compatible.

Please change the title back, since it was all about meta tickets for wordpress.org being used as fodder for core CP changes. Sorry for the confusion.

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Title changed back, meta is correct here as these are tickets on meta.trac.wordpress.org

Here is the list with clickable links:

In order to take action on any of these tickets, they probably need to be handled individually. Larger changes need to go through the petition process, and minor changes need to be implemented on GitHub as a PR, ideally with someone available who knows how the change works at a detailed level and how it will impact other parts of ClassicPress and other possible configurations.