Maintenance Mode - User message and header not saved

I’ve tried out the Maintenance Mode plugin by @azurecurve and I’m getting this error: When configuring the settings, the custom header title and message that are shown to non-admin users are not being saved. When I click the Save button, they always revert to the default entries, which are:

Header: Site Undergoing Maintenance
Message: This site is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back later.

I tried this both on my website online, and on a CP site installed in XAMPP for Windows, and the results are the same. So I don’t think this is a matter of file permissions and the restrictiveness of my webhost.

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Hi @anon98749105,

'm testing a fix for this now and will release later today.

New version is now available.


Thanks much! The plugin is working properly now.

I’ve reinstalled it in my site at as a replacement for the much-bloated WP Maintenance Mode :grin:

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