Make a new ui

make a new ui for ClassicPress
make it not so WordPress looking

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Author: Big Kitty

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Status: Declined


At this stage and in the foreseeable future, I don’t think a new UI would be feasible. We will continue to make changes and improvements. This petition will auto-close within a week. It can be re-opened at a later date.


part of the slogan is “Instantly Familiar”

Perhaps v2 could include the admin color schemes using CSS variables that is being worked on at WP.


The current UI is quite good actually. It has evolved over the years, people know it.

I would vote no for this one, since it would mean to put energy into reinventing the wheel. There are many things that can be improved, the general WP UI is really not one of those.

Anyways, what changes do you think that would significantly improve the current UI?

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