MalCare and ClassicPress

Because security is so vital, and various people on these forums have been investigating whether different security plugins will work with CP, I reached out to the author of the MalCare Security plugin (it provides malware scanning, a firewall and some other features).

Here’s the thread:

So it seems that all should be OK with this plugin, certainly with V1 of ClassicPress.

It doesn’t work on localhost installations, only live domains accessible on the net (because MalCare servers initiate communication with the plugin for scanning), so when I have time I’ll set up a subdomain and give it a whirl.


Let us know if it seems reliable and consistent.

I had never heard about Malcare before, but I visited their website and thus discovered (to my delight) that they are actually the guys behind BlogVault, that I mentioned to be likely CP-compatible (BlogVault expected to work with ClassicPress).
Definitely people I trust, good experiences with their tools. A great asset for CP if they are confirmed to work with CP in the long-run.