March 20th Committee Meeting


Committee meeting scheduled for 2019-03-20T16:00:00Z in the #committee channel on Slack. The agenda can be found here.



Voting Topics

Committee Meeting Participation

Why do we say that non-committee members cannot participate in our meetings? This decreases engagement from the public. I would much rather we trust our members to participate constructively. We’ll still have to make sure only committee members vote, make sure no one (committee or not) derails the meeting, etc, but I think it is worth it.

Voting : (Yes/No) Allow all members to participate constructively in committee meetings.

Non-Voting Topics

Team Lead Updates

Description: Updates from all Team Leads.

Discussion on Rules and Voting

Now that v1 is out, this is something we need to address. We’ve already agreed on a roadmap for v2, but there are other things that we’d like to implement.

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@zulfgani has been working on a fork of Storefront at and he’s got a demo up at . For now the action item is just to make others aware this exists. In order to do anything about it we’ll probably need to make progress on our rules and decision-making processes first.

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Meeting Minutes:

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