Marketing Ideas?

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I believe we mentioned that (or someone did) at some point in conversation. I think it’s a start. The mountain is moved with a shovel and going back every day.

I agree @majick Why not list Meetup groups (like mine) that endorse ClassicPress, or link to sites running ClassicPress, or linking to ClassicPress social media accounts, or Big Discussions, or movements within the CP Committee? What would have to be done to put that into motion technically? Put it together and run it by someone on The Committee.

To @ozfiddler point, to contact hosting companies would seem like a perfect win-win, but people do only what they’re going to do. Going to Softalicious is a great idea. What would be required to submit to them or bring it to their attention? How do we ask them to add ClassicPress? Can you reach anyone there?

Thanks all. @wadestriebel is there a better home for the Installatron/Softaculous discussion other than here in marketing ideas?


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