Marketing Plan

@voltaire I’m sure @wadestriebel would be a good resource; since @scott is the marketing team lead (and founder) you should definitely keep him updated. I’m design team lead, so please feel free to reach out to me directly as well.

I’m sure once the roadmap is release, that will be helpful for everyone.

I am happy to help where I can, that being said Scott is marketing team lead for ClassicPress plus marketing isn’t always my strong suit and my time is pretty limited :slight_smile:

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I’ve just realised something… I’m marketing team lead but nobody knows anything about me. Perhaps it’s time to give you all some background on my “credentials”.

I first got into the internet marketing 20 years ago by creating bots for mIRC. This kicked off a passion for using code to automate marketing campaigns. I’ve done everything from flooding the first 20 organic pages of Google for tens of thousands of keywords by figuring out a flaw in their algorithm to walking through crowds of people at Hong Kong’s biggest musical festival and taking photos that automatically appeared on 50 foot screens above the main stage (and then were automatically posted to social media to take the offline online).

Professionally I’ve been in digital marketing for 15 years, have managed budgets in excess of $2 million / year, have been personally responsible for growing digital ROI by over 500% for national brands and I currently run a social media marketing service ( I still program daily and my passion is marketing automation, and nothing makes me happier than using novel technologies to drive engagement.

I’m also aware of my weaknesses - I’m completely self taught, with no formal training, and am much more focused on the practical than the theoretical.

As such, one thing I really loathe is talk and no action. For me, marketing should be simple. 3 quantitative goals and 3 qualitative. Everything else is just figuring out how to achieve them.

For ClassicPress, this is even simpler. We have two goals: to power 1 million websites by the end of 2020, and to be known as the best choice for a business CMS.

Getting there is easy in my eyes. The product we have is great because of the community we have. If we can get this message out to the mass market, then the rest will follow.

To the specifics: I’ve never seen HARO succeed. It’s far too passive - waiting for a reporter to ask a question that might be relevant, and hope they’ll use my reply in an article. As for fiverr… Great for buying followers on crappy social media accounts, not good for much else.

We need to think big, we also need to think like a scrappy startup. Both of these things are my bread and butter. What I said in my previous post will see ClassicPress reach the mass market. I just need people who are willing to help with the boring jobs to make it happen.


The biggest thing I need help with right now is compiling a list of journalists outside the WordPress world that we can reach out to when we launch V1.

I want to see us on the BBC, CNN, TechCrunch, in magazines, talked about on TV. I’m not interested in WP Tavern, the WordPress Weekly Podcast or any of the other industry outlets - they’re too small (and we’re also well known by their audiences).

I also desperately need help on keeping up with all the mentions of ClassicPress and Gutenberg across the web. This is a mammoth task and simple engagement at a grassroots level will drive awareness.

Combined with covering the basics of content marketing and getting our documentation up to speed, I strongly believe we can reach critical mass with the shoe string budget that we have.


If we can organize a call to knock out all these things mentioned, that would speed things up I think.

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Hi @tommy tagging @scott to respond to the request for a call, but summarizing from Scott’s messages above, it appears as if we already have a plan of action – he has asked for several things:

  1. A list of journalists outside the WPverse that we can reach out to when we launch V1
  2. Help keeping up w/ CP and Gutenberg mentions across the web. Scott is using BrandMention to do this – please contact him for more details and to get involved.
  3. Content marketing: As I’ve mentioned several times over a few threads, we really could use some social media messaging that would be easy to implement. As I’m sure you are aware, it’s the content creation that takes the most time. If we had a collection of short, tweetable, impactful messages including tags and relevant graphics that we could just cue up in our social media marketing scheduler, that would be super helpful.
  4. Documentation: I don’t follow docs as closely, but good documentation helps our overall brand and can serve as it’s own “marketing”, as it shows that we have our act together.

Review and suggestions on our documentation ( are very welcome. The best place for that is the new Documentation subforum, please create a new thread there with any ideas for improvement:

@tommy we generally work asynchronously using the forums, Slack, and other online tools. We are spread out across many different time zones so it is difficult to coordinate calls. There are a lot of ideas and requests for help with specific tasks above, so as a next step, I’d recommend creating specific forum threads for different tasks.

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No prob. I’ll take a step back on marketing.

At the moment, looks like things just need to get fulfilled, so I’ll help where I can in that capacity.

I can start off by helping with this task. Whoever runs this, let me know how you want delivery, etc.

Great :slight_smile:

That would be @scott, but again, if you put something out there in a new forum thread then we can go from there.

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@tommy You want more clarity on not just what broad goals are (more exposure in big mass media outlets, for example), but how to achieve specific goals, guidelines, and who’s delegating what information or tasks.

Who’s handling documentation, press release composition? Then who’s taking that documentation and doing what with it? Where’s the top-down chain of command and delegation structure and specialization order?

Just trying to help…


Something like that.

I tend to take projects on full steam, so probably misread the situation here which is why I’ll just help with fulfillment at the moment. All good in the hood :wink:

Hi @voltaire & @tommy – I want to be clear that in no way are any of us asking you to step back on marketing strategy. You’ve shared that you have expertise in the area and are grateful for your enthusiasm for the project. We have some immediate needs and welcome your input with regard to other things you feel would benefit CP’s overall marketing plan. It’s entirely appropriate to ask what the parameters are, with regard to budget and manpower.

Again, @scott is the Marketing Team lead, so he has the ultimate say on this, but I know he’s otherwise engaged this week. Tagging him so that we can discuss further when he gets back into his office.

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The impression I got was marketing is done and all that’s really needed is volunteers to perform individual tasks. That’s fine, if that’s the case. I just feel that as someone who’s had marketing jobs in one capacity or another for over 20 years and worked with clients of every kind; I know from experience that at some point tasks need to be connected to desired outcomes and business objectives. And tasks need to be done in a deliberate manner or you get alot of disassociated results that are kind of all over the place like an acrobat in a polio ward, if that makes sense. And that’s what I think you see with people wanting guidance or clarity on the “how to.” And it’s great to want massive media coverage, but toward what goal, to reach what audience, and how will that be done?

That’s what I was trying to get at before and the only way to get clear on those points, you need to have a top-down organized structure to how things are done and agreement on who’s spearheading which divisions and who’s delegating what to whom. That’s not a small undertaking, and I, too, am someone who likes action…I just don’t like action taken without defined purpose because the results are often scattershot that way.

I was trying to help by expressing a perceived need to clarify objectives, organize a central goal-focused plan, define an ideal audience (like maybe web hosting companies), and recommend the Committee operate like an NPO task force with each member taking up a plan tier and then delegating from there. Just some thoughts. If it’s too much, too soon, or not needed, that’s sound as a pound to me.

Just wanted to articulate those thoughts.


I appreciate the thoughts, @voltaire, and thank you for sharing them. I’ll refrain from commenting further because this is @scott’s space and I am deeply respectful of both his past marketing experience and the fact that this is his team, but want you to know you have been heard – particularly since he is away this week and likely cannot respond right away.

Critique is welcome here and we all have areas in which we can learn more, so thanks for sharing your expertise. I hope you will continue to contribute.

I completely agree that a detailed plan will be needed for long term success, but before we launch V1 we desperately need help achieving the short term goal of collating a list of journalists who we can reach out to.

The press release topics will vary depending on the publication, but the general gist will be that there’s a new kid on the block with a focus on serving the business market (with some nice headline statistics / data to use as the basis of the article).

Our goals are very very simple from a marketing perspective, and there are many different routes to achieving them. I’d like to get into the details in place once V1 is out the door, but right now my focus is creating a campaign to promote version 1.

Edit: we have a streamlined approach to releasing versions now which is detailed in the private marketing Trello board. It’s a 14 step process to getting the word out, but there are areas we can’t do yet because we don’t have the information (such as journalists). I’d be happy to add you @voltaire


A list of journalists…I’d imagine a local Chapter of the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) could help with that very quickly with a well-placed email or phone call to a local area head. I think someone on the Committee could get that moving. I would want to target hosting providers, developer groups, major WP developer forums, large WP agencies (1 sponsor could be a big deal). I don’t think most journalists know what WP is or care…but that could just be my jaded view having worked around so many.

I wouldn’t put all my eggs in the journalist basket and honestly don’t see any harm in bulk emailing every WP meetup group and offering a video / Skype / Zoom overview of what CP is and how it could save developers’ and agencies’ hide. Or emailing Web Designer magazine in the UK, or Web Design magazine in the US, or trying to reach the top people at Blue Host or Go Daddy or WP Engine via Twitter or LinkedIn.

The PRSA will have lists upon lists of journalists, as would the SPJ (Society for Professional Journalists) and can quickly help put you in touch but I’d anticipate one of their questions being “what type of journalists would you want to promote this to?”

If adding me to a Trello board would allow me to insert concepts where they may be objectively considered as potentially viable, I’d be game. If the input is not needed, I’ll continue to support CP as a user, follower, endorse it, and do what I can from the sidelines.

How about an introductory overview of CP and submit it to major publications like HuffPost and Forbes. I see plenty about WP on Forbes but no mention of CP:

@tommy and @wadestriebel Has a #marketingplan been developed yet? Any movement on that front? I saw something on the petitions site about a Secretary being found. I also noticed @azurecurve and @anon95694377 seemed to be comfortable with the suggestion to go forward with plugin repo development. Am I way off the mark or no? Anything new on that?

I volunteered to help more with current needs (social media posts/graphics) for the time being, so I’ll get with @scott to get that going.

Since he’s the marketing lead, and from what I’ve gathered past few weeks, we just need to step up to the plate and help out in what his immediate needs are.

Then maybe at some point, me, @voltaire, @scott and anyone else interested in marketing can have a pow-wow about defining clearer roles/expectations/budgets/etc and moving forward.

But for now, yea, just filling the gaps.

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@voltaire you’re not way off the mark (re: plugin repo) but I’m on Xmas break at the moment and others may be too so visible movement may be slight.

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