Migrating from 5.7.2

Hello! Not sure if this is the appropriate area but I just wanted to say that I migrated two sites today from WP 5.7.2 to ClassicPress (using the function.php override) and the first one was quite successful. No issues whatsoever. The second one however did have some issues. Nothing I couldn’t sort through though.

I was alerted that there was a new version of the migration plugin (1.11 I think?) which I inadvertently upgraded in the middle of the migration.

Migration bombed and had to manually download and install ClassicPress over everything.

Then I had some weirdness with PHP and HTTP/500 errors. The first site had no issues whatsoever and was running PHP 8.0.8 I think. Second site was running PHP 8 but I had to downgrade PHP to 7.4.2 (I think) in order to get things working.

Otherwise very impressed so far. I’m so glad to have stumbled on this. I have hated WordPress’ bloat and Jetpack forced down our throats for a very long time.

I still have about 20 more sites (all running 5.7.2) to migrate over the next few weeks manually but I’m quite looking forward to being able to kiss WordPress goodbye for a change!

Thank you for doing this.


ClassicPress doesn’t have all the changes for PHP 8 that have been made in WP.

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Welcome to ClassicPress!

There are a couple of things pending for PHP 8 support, but I can see if we can get that included into 1.4.0. I know @omukiguy has been pushing forward with that, he might have some more input.

We will also try to give some more love to the migration plugin once 1.3.0 is out. But let us know if you run into anything else while migrating :slight_smile:

Interesting. Thanks!

I’ll go ahead and downgrade PHP then on my sites. Strange that it’s working though for at least one of them. LOL.

Still, I’m excited for the future of the project. Work and personal commitments don’t give me much free time but I’ll see if there’s any way I can contribute. Until then I guess I can just evangelize.


Evangelizing with 20 websites is a massive contribution

Welcome to ClassicPress!


Thanks for mentioning this @joyously

We have a couple of those backported https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/pulls?q=+is%3Apr+label%3A"PHP+8" and still working on others.

There are open issues for this https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A"PHP+8"

I am looking to follow up on those and any open ones we might receieve from the community.


Welcome to ClassicPress @gellenburg. Thanks for the feedback. We are still working on pushing PHP 8 changes as it is a continual work across the board even with WP.

If you do not mind, please push any issues you find via our github if it is your thing

Or you can open support tickets here which we shall push back to github otherwise.

Welcome again!!


Do you have a screenshot of this message?

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No, sorry. It showed up at the top while I was migrating my second site and I remember there being a link to upgrade right in the notice.