Necessary plugins/extensions for ClassicCommerce

This is a list of plugins and extensions the community would like to see added for ClassicCommerce. It is an extension of this GitHub page:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Invoicing
  • vat ID
  • reminder system
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Stripe and PayPal are pretty much a must :slight_smile:

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Is this meant to be a list of desirable features, or a list of features that should be coded specifically by or for the ClassicPress community?

I can see that Stripe and PayPal might be in the latter category, but it’s not clear to me that invoicing, VAT, or reminders will – at least for CC v1 – need anything more than a check that CC will work with a plugin or extension that already exists.


Good question! Probably best for @parkerj to tell us what he had in mind.

I’m guessing at this stage it is probably just a preliminary collection of the features that people use on their existing WooCommerce installations and feel they would need to have available. Whether these get incorporated into the base code or are features that could be added using separate (compatible) extensions/plugins later would be a matter for debate.

Personally, I agree that the Paypal/Stripe integration would be an obvious candidate for the former.

Not desirable features, but plugins/extensions that are needed to make version 1.0.0 a viable solution for the majority and that may need to be forked or worked on. I agree, Stripe and Paypal, definitely. But, if there is a Stripe plugin which already exists out there that can work with at least version 1.0.0 of ClassicCommerce, then it should be removed from the list. I hope that makes sense.


OK. Obviously, these will need testing but:

The WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin works with WP 4.4 or higher, so it should work with ClassicPress.

The WooCommerce PayPal Gateway plugin works with WP 3.3 or higher, so it should also work with ClassicPress. Same with WooCommerce PayPal Pro Payment Gateway.

In fact, I can find plugins for each of the above features that are all said to work with WP versions 4.9 and below, so I would expect them all to work unless the hooks they use have been re-named in ClassicCommerce.

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At the moment, there is no intention or reason to rename hooks.

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So it sounds like we might not need to worry about extensions/plugins in the short term? Unless testing proves unsuccessful, in which case we would have to look at coming up with our own versions.

But if the current WooCommerce extensions are compatible with ClassicCommerce then that should be fine for now.

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I agree that if you want to get WP customers to migrate to CP, you must have something working. SO keep the most hooks and names the same where it can keep the compatibility
Else nobody will come on a system that miss so many plugins and features

The naming convention is only something seen in the code by developers, users just want something they can use :wink:

My 2 cents

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I agree that it makes no sense to rename hooks. We aren’t doing that in ClassicPress either.

New hooks can have a new naming convention, of course.


Question: Whats a “vat ID”? Something like the UstIDNr in Germany / Europe?

I’d like to be happy to see the following as well:
An internationally WORKING rate-based shipping table! Weight-based, size-based, etc.
All currently available implementations, whether it be free or premium plugins, are next to unusable in countries which actually HAVE a VAT on everything, eg. Germany or the rest of European countries!

To be rid of this issue for a client, I’ve even gone so far to build one myself, using the regular shipping table, and a very simple plugin, which standardises the shipping rate titles and uses them to detect which rates to disable and which one to leave alone. Essentially turning the base contents of the tutorial WooCommerce: Shipping by Weight (Without a Plugin!) into a plugin.

Building this workaround was next to harmless compared with the thunderstorm headaches, aka HUGE PITAs, I’ve been having for ages with self-proclaimed “working” solutions for the table rate shipping plugins … and I tested ALL of them. Thoroughly. Its a nasty mess - apparently when you never have to use constant VAT rates, you are allowed to build those shoddy excuses AND EVEN HAVE THE GAL to charge money for it!

cu, w0lf.

I’m not German so I can’t say :wink:
but VAT ID is the registered number that you can fill in the ordering form so that the VAT is not charged (if your number is valid). This is something that you MUST have with an ecommerce in Europe
Invoicing, in the same goal, you are obligated to give an invoice to your customers.

Just basics

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this is the EU VAT plugin that I’m using, for info

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I would definitely need a discount extension and Mailchimp integration. Custom tabs would be desirable also.

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Also need Name Your Price

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