New ClassicPress Hosting Site

To help the marketing of ClassicPress, I have created a hosting site at as a companion site to

The idea is to provide affordable hosting and a semi-managed process where I can install optional plugins for security and maintenance as well as a free version of the GeneratePress Premium theme.

This will give website owners who do not have great technical skills a good head-start. For other platforms, I only provide the hosting and no actual website support.

The server is a very fast and reliable one in Singapore, which gives comparable loading speeds for virtually any country. There is 2 GB of disk space and 20 GB of bandwidth for 30 USD/yr. That should be adequate for most CP installations on shared hosting.

Unlike my previous attempts at providing hosting, I am using an existing account which still has spare resources, so I am not out of pocket for a while.

Hopefully, the extra support will bring in people who are in two minds where to go with their WP site as it moves to the next phase of blocks. It may even encourage some users to migrate over.