New ClassicPress plugin - ZP Disable Users

In order to get used to Github instead of SVN for plugin development, I’ve created a small, simple plugin which hopefully some of you may find useful.

It’s called ZP Disable Users, and it does exactly what the name suggests. You can temporarily (or permanently!) disable any user account, which will prevent future logins and also terminate the current session for that user.

Disabled status is shown on the admin users page, and enabling/disabling is done by editing a user.

There’s a settings page where you can customise the meta name used in the usermeta table, and also you can determine whether anyone with the edit_users capability can disable/enable users, or whether only administrators can.

It’s a work in progress (I haven’t even worked out how to make a release zip yet!!), and I intend to integrate CodePotent’s Update Manager in due course (again, as a learning experience). I’m using the convention zp-pluginname/zp-pluginname.php for naming all my CP plugins.

It’s designed for ClassicPress but will work with WordPress as well. However I have no plans to add it to the WordPress repo.

So help yourself if you think it will be useful to you! Right now there’s no documentation or support, but that will come in time, as will a proper release URL.


I’ve worked out how to make a release and add a binary to it, so here is the link to the Github release page for 0.1.0:

And here’s the zip link:

TODO: work out how to make these release URLs a bit shorter! Tips appreciated.


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My ZP Disable Users free ClassicPress plugin now integrates the @CodePotent ClassicPress Update Manager!

If you simply want the latest version of the plugin, install 0.1.2.

If you want the latest version of the plugin but want to test the Update Manager process first, install 0.1.1 :smiley: There might be a delay before it picks up the update - this depends on the cron schedule and transients.

I found that the process of integrating the Update Manager was actually very painless once @CodePotent helped me out with one thing I missed. I now have a separate ClassicPress installation dedicated to running just the Update Manager (and later it will also serve the plugin information pages). The plugin zips themselves are served directly from Github to reduce my server load.

The usual disclaimers about this being a pre-release experimental plugin apply. If you have problems or feedback you’re more than welcome to get in touch.


Version 0.2.0 is now available. The main change is that the plugin now supports translations by including a text domain and .pot file.

If anyone would like to translate it, partly to make it more useful and partly to make sure I prepared it for internationalisation correctly, you’re welcome to take the (very small) .pot file from the plugin and create a translated .po and .mo file and send it to me for inclusion.


Use the Pig Latin plugin to see if you did it right and got all the strings.