New ClassicPress plugin: ZP Image Control

ZP Image Control

This is a fork of Imsanity under the terms of the GPL, since the plugin author confirmed he is no longer supporting the WordPress 4.9 (ClassicPress) branch. Right now it is functionally identical to Imsanity 2.6.0. ZigPress will support and further develop this fork for ClassicPress users.


Download ZP Image Control 1.0.0-beta


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Wow… that’s a really useful plugin!

To add some more info for those who haven’t heard of Imsanity

…allows administrators to control the size of uploaded images, and to retrospectively process the media library to resize existing images.

Thanks for doing this. I’ll certainly be looking to use this for some clients.


A note for those interested:

ZP Image Control has now been completely rebuilt from the ground up with an improved admin UI. The new version is 1.0.0-alpha.


You are making good stuff, keep it up man!

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Cool, maybe one can integrate other “fun” plugins as well, eg. ImageMagick Engine and similar? :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.

Interesting thought. For now I want to focus on plugins that are dropping 4.9 compatibility, along with my own inventions, but maybe when I have more time :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you lack suggestions, but still, WordPress Real Media Library begs for being forked. Together with

Once chatted with person, who manage a news site with thousands of photos, they can’t imagine working without real folders.

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I was actually considering forking a media folders type plugin, mainly for my own use, but Folders seems much more stable and slick than WordPress Real Media Library, in terms of the UI. I’ve used both and Real Media Library seems much more sluggish and clunky.

I didn’t know about the WordPress Real Physical Media plugin (which seems to be an extension of WordPress Real Media Library, right?). But I think this feature is such a minority need that it’s not worth the considerable time investment to take it apart and rebuild it, in order to be able to properly support it.

There is also the fact that Code Canyon licensing is not GPL. I know in theory everything you add to WP/CP becomes GPL, but theory and legal battles are two different things.


I don’t know about the security side of doing that, but managing real media folders, not only tags are a big (and almost only) plus of Real Media Folders. The mess in uploads folder insulting me.

For a short time I used Mediamatic, liked, but I suspect, they just forked Folders.

So, if I can to wish, I want an ability to manage real folders in Uploads.

Based on certain UI elements, Mediamatic probably forked Real Media Library, not Folders.

Real Media Library doesn’t have tags, only folders. Media Library Categories gives you categories and could be enhanced to offer tags as well. Envira Gallery has a tags addon. But when you have folders, categories and tags become less important.

But you’re still not going to persuade me to release a ‘real physical folders’ plugin, because I just don’t think enough people want or need it :smiley: The CodeCanyon Real Media plugins you mentioned will have to be your solution. They should be fine on ClassicPress since they work with WP 4.4 upwards.

No, they don’t. On the bottom they wrote a different message. Yes, there is a confusion.

From what I saw, it was a pretty good plugin for complex media library management.

When you have a few hundred images, you really need folders. But Year-Month folder structure is the worst solution, unless you don’t care about findability with multiple authors and especially - with different authors and Photographers. And tags are needed in this case, together with real folders.

Ah, that’s a shame. If you really need custom physical folders, maybe you should contact the author, tell him you’re using WP 4.9 and that it isn’t working.


Thanks for putting this into words.

Few people understand the time, effort, and dedication involved in creating a viable fork that will last. Unless someone is sitting on a bunch of free time that they can continually throw at a thing, it doesn’t make good sense to fork something of more than a couple hundred lines. It’s too much work for no return.

It’s nice that a few people have expressed interest in purchasing premium versions of plugins, however, I think the developer is still faced with the same issue: the ClassicPress userbase is too small to expect more than a couple purchases per year – far too few to support the effort. That number is just a guess, of course, however, I feel it’s an accurate assumption as I’ve released about a dozen free plugins in 18 months and still haven’t managed to get up to 100 (cumulative) installs yet.


Exactly. I fully intend to develop premium plugins for ClassicPress, but there’s simply no point yet.

What I’m doing at the moment is trying to help the CP ecosystem to grow by releasing some easy-to-support free plugins, to make CP a more attractive proposition for developers and website owners.