New ClassicPress plugin: ZP Media Taxonomies

ZP Media Taxonomies

ZP Media Taxonomies is a free ClassicPress plugin that adds categories and tags to your media library.

You can add and remove categories and tags by editing a media item in list view, and you can also bulk add and remove categories and tags using the Bulk Actions dropdown on the Media Library page in list view mode.

You can choose whether to use dedicated taxonomies (recommended) or the built-in taxonomies used for posts. If you use the built-in taxonomies then your categories and tags will be shared across posts and media items, however there will be no tag filter dropdown and the category filter dropdown will not show counts.

Designed for ClassicPress, will currently also work with WordPress.
Incorporates code from the ClassicPress Update Manager plugin by CodePotent.


Download ZP Media Taxonomies 0.1.1


Plugin website (leave a comment)
Github repository (post an issue)


This is very much an initial pre-release. Please don’t use on a production site until there are a few more releases. And please do give me feedback (of any kind) by leaving a comment on the plugin website or by contacting me directly if you prefer.

With this plugin I’m trialling a small “this is what ZigPress does” marketing box on the settings page. It’s designed to be unobtrusive but encouraging. I plan to roll this out to my other plugins in due course.