New ClassicPress plugin: ZP Remove Customizer

ZP Remove Customizer

Free ClassicPress plugin that completely removes the customizer from an installation. There is no settings page, just activate and you’re done. Designed for ClassicPress, will currently also work with WordPress.

Creation of this plugin was inspired by the WordPress plugin “Customizer Remove All Parts” which has now been permanently removed from the WordPress plugin repository, however ZP Remove Customizer has been coded from scratch to our own coding standards.

Incorporates code from the ClassicPress Update Manager plugin by CodePotent.


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Why would someone want to do this? Does it put the core options like Background color and Header Image back where they used to be?
Are you aware that all the themes in the WP repository for the last several years could only put their options into the Customizer? And plugins can also?


Removing the customizer makes it harder for clients to screw up their sites which, in turn, negates so-called “emergency” requests to fix things that should have just been left alone. In this case, there’s also probably no need for those legacy controls.

Heads up: this isn’t WordPress. :wink:


I thought about this too, and in fact, I have created some custom functions in the customizer for my use cases, but this isn’t in CP core, so, not mandatory.

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If I am creating a theme for a particular client, header image, logos etc are set in the theme. They will not be getting edited later by the client.
If the client wants to change developer later it is up to them to ensure that the new developer can edit a php or functions file. Customiser is only useful for themes designed to be used by multiple end user clients


As others have said above, it’s useful for developers who create custom themes for their projects and don’t want their clients messing things up. Because clients do mess things up. All the time.


In my opinion creating a “custom” theme negates the need for the Customizer. If theme taylor-made to the needs of the client, surely the Customizer is a way for them to shoot themselves in the foot. And if you are desperate to use the Customizer, you just uninstall the “ZP Remove Customizer” plugin I guess :slight_smile:


In a parallel universe, the Customizer is separate plugin (or component/library/package) that is declared as dependency for all the themes that require it. This will keep the core lean and mean, and if you do need the Customizer, installing that theme for which it is a dependency will download and install it.

The funny thing is that in our own universe, Composer already does this. Magento 2 are using it as the foundation for their marketplace:


This is a good idea - I like it!

Nothing annoys me more than the customizer. It just creates another area where clients can mess with fonts, colors, and everything gets messed up. Add a page builder like Elementor on top of that, and then you have a real mess. Good riddance!

@anon95694377 Do you have this for WordPress as well?


Right now it will work perfectly with WordPress, although I make no long term guarantees.

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LOL, I don’t think there are any guarantees with WP. :wink:


With my utility plugin I can hide anything I don’t want clients to mess with.

Which is basically almost everything. :slightly_smiling_face:

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