New install failed

I decided to give this a try, everything looked set to go, but alas, it failed miserably and now my site errors out with HTTP Error 500…
Lovely stuff. It feels like this is not ready for prime time at all as yet.
Thanks for giving me a lot of extra work now. I guess I should’ve known better, but there was no red lights and my site was just a simple blog, but apparently CP isn’t as compatible as you guys claim.

Does your site have any plugins that might use functions from WP 5.0+ ?

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No, I barely run any plugins and I disabled Jetpack and TinyMCE, as they came up as red warnings.

Not at all what I expected, just lucky my hosting company does automatic backups, but they take time to restore.

Can you give more details, so we might be able to fix this for the next person?
What WP version?
What PHP version?

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Sorry to hear you had a tough time.

But to add to what Joy said, we need more information to be able to help you or to hopefully fix it for the next person. Just saying “apparently CP isn’t as compatible as you guys claim” doesn’t provide us with any details to be able to help.

On top of Joys questions:

  • How did you install CP?
  • Did you use the migration plugin?
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Many people are using it in production without issue.

It’s actually exactly as compatible as is claimed…and that means it’s also only as compatible as claimed.

At any rate, more often than not, error 500 can be tracked back to the .htaccess file, which many site owners (and some plugins) modify. One wrong character is all it takes to bring the site down. A list of your installed plugins will be helpful in resolving the issue.

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If your hosting provider is taking too long, jump on Slack in the support channel and we can help you get this fixed. I’m around, so you can get quick help.

The nice thing about ClassicPress is the community. We’re here to help, quickly.


When there is an HTTP error 500 there is also a corresponding error message in your server logs. We also need this error message in order to have any chance of helping.

We didn’t give you any extra work. You did, when you ignored all of the warnings about backing up your site before using the migration plugin.

WP 5.8
PHP 8.0
MySQL 5.6

Yes, I used the migrate plugin, hence why I got the various warnings, which I heeded.

My hosting provider isn’t the issue, the issue is copying the data back from the snapshots.
It’s not a two second job.

I don’t have access to my hosting providers server logs.

I didn’t ignore the warnings, thank you very much. Things are clearly backed up, but it takes time to restore the data.

I think this might be the problem. CP doesn’t support PHP 8.0 yet, as far as I know, and see in GitHub.

If it’s possible to switch to PHP 7.4, this might resolve your errors and bring the site back up without restoring backups. Sometimes this works.

@wadestriebel @james do we have a warning for PHP 8.0 in the migration plugin?


If this is true (it usually isn’t - I have never heard of a hosting provider that doesn’t give you access to the PHP error logs), then this is going to continue to cause you problems for as long as you have a website.

Thanks for the additional information anyway. We can now take the following actions based on your report:

  • Block the migration if users are running PHP >= 8.0, this is not yet supported in ClassicPress. This is the most likely reason for your issue.
  • Make it even more clear that having a backup is not sufficient - you must be ready to restore it because the migration process is not and never will be 100% foolproof. This is fairly obvious to me – and pretty heavily implied by phrases such as “just in case something does not go as planned” – but apparently not good enough. As part of this change we can also make it clear that we check for known incompatibilities with plugins and themes, but we can’t check for all the unknown incompatibilities.

I think @viktor’s suggestion on Slack, moving it to the migration endpoint, probably makes the most sense.

In the meantime I have added issue to both the migration plugin repo and api repo to support this approach.


I think we need a guide in the docs with a list of possible issues that migration process might encounter and instructions on how to deal with those issues.


Those docs are coming step by step.

But in all honesty?
What’s there to write about this?
Folks don’t even read the warnings or invites inside the very website admin screens to make a backup!

Who will read a doc that says how they can troubleshot issues or avoid issues?

And without access to the most basic files of a server all troubleshooting isn’t going to help anything, in general.

That said, we are in the process of writing doc and as everyone here knows we are looking for people to help (and some already do help, daily we have new docs, it’s just not mentioned im the forum every day)

So whomever knows how to write this up can do so.

There are good examples to use as a reference on WP doc - and we have a designated process how to implement them in cp.


I READ all the warnings, NONE were red.
Sorry, but the warnings clearly aren’t enough and it actually said that CP works with PHP 8.

My sites are hosted on a small server instance and my hosting company does NOT give me access to the logs. Why is this so hard to understand? I don’t own my own server.

I’m out, this just shows that you people want to shit on your potential users, they aren’t already very advanced users with their own hosting and developer skills. I just wanted something simple to replace WP with, but clearly this isn’t it.

@TheLostSwede we have open issues to hopefully address the issues you ran into.

I will be honest your opening post makes it very difficult for the community to come together to help you out. In the future, I would ask that you please use the support forum and follow the template. This gives everyone a better understanding of the issues you are facing and can hopefully get you help as we have done with others in the past.

I am closing this thread, but if you continue to have issue please feel free to open a new thread in the support forum.