No download instructions for new installs

I recommended CP to someone and they went to the GitHub page where you see:
Source code (zip)
Source code (tar.gz)

You are given instructions to download the first zip file.

They then decided to do a fresh install for another site and on the GitHub page see:

Source code (zip)
Source code (tar.gz)

There is no install file or instructions as to where to find it. They ended up clicking on the “release announcement post” link and found:

While I know which file they could have downloaded originally, it is not obvious to the public. As with the migration page, that file should be displayed and instructions given to use it.

Who knows how many people went there, saw no file and simply thought, “I don’t understand this page. What am I supposed to download?”

What is obvious to us, is not necessarily obvious to everyone else.


Good ponts, @Aussie. This has been discussed and I believe it is to be fixed in the upcoming newly redesigned site. :slight_smile:

Ah, teach me for not looking first! My post was only one of several things I had to do this morning, so didn’t do any research.

While the other post goes into the technical side of what needs to be done, maybe my post will help newcomers see the same problem they did and where to find that zip file (in the meantime).

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