Non-techie looking for hosting

@viktor is correct. You definitely don’t want to use DigitalOcean – that is hosting for expert coders. When my site was hosted there, as owner I had no access to anything. And when my tech wasn’t available, they wouldn’t assist when it was down, either.

And @patrick_here Patrick is also correct. SiteGround consistently appears at or near the top on lists of the very best hosting companies and has for years. They also have excellent reviews and rarely any complaints.

I can share that my site is the first time my tech had installed CP and he had no issues doing it. Any hosting company that handles WP should handle CP fine.

@JerryNidzo I strongly recommend against having your site hosted with your domain registrar. If there is ever an issue, you’re out of luck. I use NameCheap as my registrar, but never my hosting company.

Also, domain registrars never appear on any list of top hosting companies. In all the years I’ve had websites (since 1994), I have never seen one of them on any such list anywhere. (Not saying they couldn’t have been – but I research that kind of thing often because people ask me about it regularly.)

Meanwhile, if you have separate hosting and have an issue with them, but you still control your domain, you can at least have your site reinstalled.