Odd Glitch with Updating Really Simple SSL

Not sure if this is the ideal category or sub-category but I wanted to report an odd bug I noticed recently updating Really Simple SSL plugin.

I’m checking and updating sites, and when I updated RSSSL I noticed that on some sites it would blink out after updating and show a huge error message. Upon refreshing and checking again, it would allow the update to go through. But I still thought the enormous error message was odd.

So if anyone above my programming pay grade can explicate what’s going on I’d certainly appreciate it. Thanks. I tried multiple times to attach a screenshot but the forum software would not enable it so here is a link to the image:

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Check that you are upgrading to 3.2.1.
There is a bug in 3.2…

what bug? And if you already updated it to 3.2.1 I guess you have to wait? I saw this link that might explicate things more…https://wordpress.org/support/topic/error-after-update-146/

I’ve updated without troubles but I think you have to wait the next bugfix (usually they are quick).
I’m removing rsssl from my sites using “force SSL” in plesk and fixing broken links manually.

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Note, I’ve moved this thread to the Support - Version 1.x subforum.

Do other plugin updates succeed on this site?

My guess would be there is another plugin that is conflicting with the RSSSL update.

This is a good recommendation also. It can be a pain to fix http:// links manually but ultimately it’s not necessary to have a plugin do this on an ongoing basis.

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Possibly. I’ve seen this on several sites thus far, some with different plugins than others.

Simone, on how you do this…If I take a site and deactivate the Really Simple SSL plugin, how would I “fix” the resulting SSL issues manually? Can you please elaborate so I can learn?

I’m away form work and only with a cellphone… monday surely i’ll write something more complete but fixing mixed content is easy and (if you do not have shell access) boring!
First in admin panel you must set your site to https.
Then you have to change every http://your.site to https in the database. This can be done:

  • manually with php my admin
  • with a text editor on a database dump
  • with wpcli search replace (easiest if you have shell access)

Edit: Please read my last post here: Odd Glitch with Updating Really Simple SSL

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I prefer to use WP-CLI for this also, but there are plugins that do the same job. Here’s a good one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/

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Is Really Simple SSL still reliable and stable? I see they just came out with another update today.

For new sites if you install an ssl cert and set the site domain to https when you install CP or immediately after there should be no need for any plugins to force https. Remember if creating links manually to always use https

Yep. My newest sites are fine and don’t need Really Simple SSL and also I’ve learned to only work with hosting companies that ensure direct SSL installation the minute I set up the site and install the database. Database admin is still very new to me, so it’s something I need help with. But I guess that plugin is still safe to use - just a buggy release.

I doubt this is a bug with Really Simple SSL.

Ok, more info on using SSL without plugin support:

Forcing https

This is a tipical apache configuration, done with mod_rewrite

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
    RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L,QSA]

Fixing mixed contents

You have to change database entry like http://your.site to https://your.site excluding what you find in the guid columns, so a search/replace in the db dump is dangerous (must me done with care).
The wp-cli solution is
wp search-replace 'http://your.site' 'https://your.site' --skip-columns=guid --dry-run
to test things and
wp search-replace 'http://your.site' 'https://your.site' --skip-columns=guid
to do the job.