Official Project Channel on Discord

Is Slack still invite only? no idea how it works but even when I was able to get in there for another project I don’t totally get the appeal of it over something like Discord.

I basically live on Discord now and take advantage of lots of support channels/servers.

I would love to see CP come to Discord. So this is my petition.


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Author: James Auble

Vote count: 3

Status: open


I’m not sure how the Slack signup is setup, but, here’s a link (taken from the footer of the main site.)

Regarding the petition: @james put together a Discord server after a few people requested it; even implemented a nice Slack bridge. Then virtually nobody used it. In the end, it was a waste of limited resources. I don’t think we should revisit adding new communication channels until we have the people, time, and actual need for it. I feel the forums are a sufficient option for those who prefer not to use Slack.

Downvote from me on this one.