Paid Perks Discussion


Further on Point 3 made by @cglusky … I use Perch for some projects and I just remembered they had a “registered developer” scheme where you have to pay an annual fee to be listed…

The Perch Registered Developer programme is open to any individual freelancer or company who develops sites using Perch. Our aim is to promote companies who use Perch and also to provide a listing for people who are looking for someone to build a site or Perch add-on. In this way we hope the network will be beneficial to the members but also to the entire community.

Might be worth considering something along these lines?

Why I am not Migrating to ClassicPress Yet

I like that, I was also looking at how Linux Mint handles it.

Here is a discussion from December. And their blog posts.

P.S. I moved this to a new thread because I think there is more discussion to have here.