Petitions Migration

I don’t think we will, but I brought it up because it is interesting. I know some petition/voting platforms limit the number of votes so only the “most” cared about petitions actually get voted on, and then as features get added those votes get redistributed to the 2nd set of “most” cared about.

As mentioned on Slack, we have been wanting to do this for a while. This just forces our hands a bit earlier than I had planned. :slight_smile:

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Better now than never :smile:

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Petition Topic Template:

Before creating a new thread please be sure to check for similar petitions and to rather vote for those instead

If there are no other similar petitions are found, please provide a general summary of the petition in the Title above.


What are you trying to accomplish? Why would it be useful in ClassicPress?

Possible implementation

Not obligatory, but suggest a way to implement your petition.

Will you be able to help with the implementation?

Not obligatory, but are you willing to help implement this petition?
Petitions with help already “signed up” have a much higher chance of being planned and worked on.


Your now withdrawn comment does have some merits.
Decide where we want to be, and be the best at that, and leave chasing passing trends to twitter and facebook and the elephant/dinosaur (choose your eumhamism )others.

I have found this if it helps in any way

Is it something we have access to so we can export the data so we can import them in forums manually?

I’m just thinking out loud here…

I’ve reposted here: 2021 Goals/Projects

For the interim, I don’t think Fider has given us enough time to figure out exactly what we want to do with the petitions, so I think migrating them to the forums for the time being is the best way to ensure we don’t lose any data.

I think the approach I am going to take is leveraging @discobot to post the petitions in the following format:

[Petition Description]
Posted by [Author Name]
It had [# of votes] votes

[Comment] ~ posted by [Comment Author Name]
[Comment] ~ posted by [Comment Author Name]


Here are 2 test petitions that have been ported over:


I have finished the import:

Note: the category is currently “muted” so it doesn’t flood the Latest section. Also, the voting plugin hasn’t been installed yet, we will do that once we confirm that is indeed the route we want to take. :slight_smile:

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Also for anyone curious, here is the code I used:


Well done @wadestriebel that’s a good one


Yes, great job with this. I like that we have the old vote count available independently of how we set up the voting plugin on the forums. That means we could consider approaches like leaving the “new” vote count at zero, which solves the problem of how to match up previous votes with forum users.

Honestly we could even leave that plugin out and just use likes to rank the petitions.

Another piece to this project is our API endpoint that retrieves petition data for ClassicPress sites. I’ve updated it to just return static data for now, instead of calling out to the Fider API which will go away soon:

Yet another is putting something else up at, thread for that part here: Petitions Redirect Help

Just to clarify, instead of self-hosting Fider, we’ve been planning to migrate the petitions to the forums for a while. This allows us to consolidate our platforms a bit more - one less login/account for people to have to worry about. Another benefit is that we can move threads into/out of the petitions category as needed if people make suggestions for improvement in other places or if the petition threads spawn other discussions.


I think it probably makes sense to take that approach for now, which also means no downtime is required to installed the plugin :+1:

What data from the json object do we require? With Discourse we can poll a category and return it in json. I believe we can do the “most wanted”, “recent”, and maybe “trending”.


This is going to need a bit more thought/work, because now we have two vote counts (from the old system contained in the post text, and from Discourse which is mostly zero). At the moment it is working fine so we can leave it as-is until that is solved satisfactorily, the only issue is that new petitions posted on the forums won’t be registered there.

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Thanks for highlighting this since it is a major thing in the Dashboard widgets for CP. We need to update the links as well from the dashboard to the various posts on forum for people to vote on those.

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Is this still on your to-do list @wadestriebel? Any ETA? Just following up so it’s not forgotten.


It was definitely forgotten, let’s schedule some downtime for the forums so we can get it added :+1:


We’re on your schedule. Happy to help test it once it’s set up.

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Tentatively, Wednesday around 5pm EST. I will make an announcement on Saturday or Sunday confirming :+1:


Everything on the list has been completed now. The voting plugin is installed. A blog post will be published this coming week. So I’m setting this topic to close 3 days after last reply.