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I am helping @smileBeda with the docs and was working on the dashboard screen page. What are the plans for the ClassicPress Petitions widget? At the moment it only seems to be getting a feed from the archived version. I may have missed any previous discussion about this.


There was some chat on Slack re this, I think we landed on holding off for now until we build up enough votes to be able to make the switch.

Relevant slack thread: Slack

I also created a GitHub issue to track this: Support forum petitions endpoint · Issue #28 · ClassicPress/ClassicPress-APIs · GitHub


OK, thanks. Good to know it’s on the table. I’ll just write something generic for now. It can be changed later. :+1:


Where can I vote on this. Having petitions from 1 to 3 years ago does not give a good impression to a new user.
Having dates in the news widget would also make the project seem more alive.
(Personal preference I would prefer the news links to open in a new tab)


We don’t have a petition for this I believe, but this Update Petitions Widget in Dashboard - #3 by smileBeda, points to and, thus “in progress”, I would assume.

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Happy to try get this ball rolling again, I agree having 3 year old petitions is not a good look.

This is updated to point to the petitions on the forums now. See for screenshots and more information. See also Update Petitions Widget in Dashboard.


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