PHP Error Log Viewer 1.3.0

PHP Error Log Viewer

Version 1.3.0

Bring your PHP error log into your ClassicPress dashboard with beautiful style! Color-coding and filterable results make your error log a super quick skim – no more wall-of-text error messages!

I actually made a 1.2.0 release on 12/24, but, didn’t get around to announcing it. Such it life, right?! I thought of one last little feature to add anyway…so, here we are at PHP Error Log Viewer 1.3.0.

If you’re on less than version 1.2.0, you won’t get a dashboard update…just delete that old version and reinstall this new version afresh.
I have temporarily re-enabled the fx-updater plugin to allow the early adopters of the error log viewer plugin to have a dashboard update.

This version includes better update handling and a couple other minor tweaks, noted in the changelog. To view the changelog, you can click to “View Details” after activating the plugin – it’s not a mile long, promise!


PHP Error Log Viewer 1.3.0


Just in case, there’s online documentation at my site.


Looks like your WYSIWYG plugin could use such an update as well.


You’re right! I released several plugins thinking they could wait (for updates) until the official plugin directory was built. That wasn’t a good plan and I had to sidetrack a bit and write the Update Manager plugin to handle updates in the meantime. Now that it has been released, I’m working it into all the plugins and making new releases. :slight_smile:


I’ve been noticing 404s related to early adopters (of the PHP Error Log Viewer plugin ) websites querying for updates from the f(x) Updater plugin that I used in the earliest releases. To resolve this (and to make updating easier,) I have temporarily re-enabled the f(x) Updater plugin on my site to allow those early adopters to have a proper dashboard update. I have updated the original post with this information, as well. The update (to 1.3.0) has the new updater onboard. :slight_smile:


Bet you could use some coffee, injected straight into your veins. :slight_smile: Good job. You’re a hard worker and I bet everyone here is very grateful you live.