PHP Error Log Viewer 2.2.0

PHP Error Log Viewer 2.2.0

Bring your PHP error log into your ClassicPress dashboard with beautiful style! Color-coding and filterable results make your error log a super quick skim – no more wall-of-text error messages!

:arrow_down: Download

Download PHP Error Log Viewer 2.2.0 to manually install or check your dashboard for the update.

:new: What’s New

More Convenience

Previously, purging the error log was only possible on the plugin’s own admin page. Now, you can purge the error log from any page that is showing the admin bar. The purge is achieved with AJAX, so there’s no extra page loads and you won’t lose your place. Just hover PHP Errors in your admin bar and you’ll see the new submenu to purge the log.

Custom Errors

A new function allows you to manually trigger user-level errors, as needed. This provides an easy way to send arbitrary data to the error log, such as for inspecting the content of an object or array that may be otherwise difficult to access, or for when you want to see how specific data has changed at various points during a request when you don’t have a sophisticated debugger on hand. The triggered “errors” are tidily displayed in the log with any other (traditional) errors and are subject to the same filtering and sorting. See the documentation for full details.

Other Items

  • A few texts have been updated for less verbosity.
  • Minor capitalization issues corrected.
  • Updated examples in troubleshooting screen
  • Updated JavaScript
  • Deprecated methods

:man_juggling:: Support

See the online documentation. If you still need an assist, please create a dedicated thread in the Plugin Support forum and we’ll go from there.

:pray: Thanks

Big thanks to those who are using the PHP Error Log Viewer plugin and to those who have taken the time
to report issues, request features, and help with the pre-release testing!