Plugin card description length

Expected behavior

Plugin card descriptions are not long enough.

Current behavior

Current card descriptions are truncated at 80 characters. This leaves some plugins without a good description.

Possible solution

Allow at least as many characters as a Tweet. Allow 3 lines to be displayed before truncation.


Description field seems too small (visually) and it can be hard to create a viable description. Even for someone like me, who is a fairly adept wordsmith, it will be a struggle to create a good description in the allotted characters.


I agree, we need to rework that section. Right now that is also used in the meta description so technically it should be limited to 150 characters.

The other aspect is pulling the for the longer form description with photos.

I think we should have a short description, limited to 160 characters, which is also used for the meta description and a separate long description pulled from the readme.