Plugin Developers: IMPORTANT NEWS

This is an announcement of the ClassicPress Plugin Review Team

Today the 7 working days expired for several plugins in the directory how have been contacted by the ClassicPress Plugin Review Team about either missing details or issues in the code last week.

It was stated to remove these Plugins after 7 days if no response or action was given/taken.

For now, The Team sent another reminder email giving another week since we haven’t been the most active either in past.

After this additional week, those plugins will be considered abandoned and published as adoptable, as per guidelines Plugin Directory Adoption/Takeover Guidelines | ClassicPress Documentation any user can then initiate an adoption process.

Make sure to check your mail inboxes for plugins from [email protected] and reply to it.
You can always ask for more time to proceed, by replying to the email.

Please do contact the Team at same email if you have any questions or believe your plugin should be reviewed and was missed in the last week.