Plugin directory design

Yes, that phrase could do with some work.

The idea is to ensure that no WP-specific code is loaded (or available) at runtime under CP, not to prohibit a single shared codebase.

Update: that phrase has had some work - feedback welcome!


Quoted for posterity after the changes… this looks good to me.

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This does not make sense to me.
Will CP have 3 ways to update a plugin? (that sounds like WP-specific code)
Will every code change to a plugin be audited? (no way to have the manpower for that)
Would there be a way to opt out of auto updates? (there are times updates are not wanted – e.g. Gutenberg)

I think the user would be confused as to what they are getting. With WP, if it’s listed in the admin Plugins search, it has been reviewed (initially at least). If there is a security problem, the plugin is closed so it does not show as available. But there are plugins available everywhere, and the user knows that those external ones have not been reviewed. The plugin author is rewarded with exposure to users by putting the plugin in the WP repo.

Some consideration should be given to what restrictions are put on plugins that are shown to the users, such as advertising or hijacking the admin or removing the plugin Deactivate link or crypto mining or tracking users or phoning home or sending spam, etc. I assume you want to be fair, but if you don’t restrict it, fairness goes out the window.

No, just 2 (we’ll most likely leave the existing WP-based plugin mechanisms in place for people who want to install plugins from the WP directory). There may be some variations in how plugins in the ClassicPress plugin directory are presented but they will be hosted the same way (for example, on GitHub).

The technical meaning of patch-level is important here. Plugins that are audited by ClassicPress will be required to use the semver version specification which is major.minor.patch (e.g. 1.2.3). In this example, 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 would be an automatic update, but 1.2.3 to 1.5.0 would not.

A patch version update (only the third number increases) means there are no breaking changes, only minor changes or bugfixes. The responsibility would be on the plugin author to follow this standard.

Please don’t use the words “repository” and “directory” interchangeable. They have a very different meaning in CP.

Maybe you know, that in CP we don’t have repositories, just a directory. WP has a repository. Old member knows this, but suppose, this thread will read a novice.

And if you think about the differences, you will find answers to some questions and worries above.