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Hello. I’m very happy having switched to ClassicPress for my site.

If a plugin is producing errors, what is the best way to check whether this is something to do with the plugin or with ClassicPress? I ask because Blubrry PowerPress is giving me a 500 error when I add the location of the audio file, but I know the file is there – I can play it in a browser – and I have never seen this error before.

Any help gratefully received.


Have you checked that the URL for your file matches the format you use on your site? For example, are they both https? Do they both use (or both omit) www? If the URL formats don’t match, and you’re serving your file from your own server, you’ll get an error.

And welcome to ClassicPress!

Yes, I had checked everything. The problem was not the plugin. My host (DreamHost) had upped my PHP to 8.0 and although that had no effect on the performance of the site, it did affect administration. Once I changed back down to PHP 7.4 the plugin worked fine. And at the same time, I noticed that the CP dashboard worked properly again, which I had thought might be a temporary glitch.

So, something is not ready for PHP 8 although I cannot say whether that is the Blubrry plugin or ClassicPress.

Thanks anyway for the prompt response.


I have tested CP on PHP 8 and not seen any issues. Of course it’s possible that we use different features, so my testing might not be definitive, but my guess is that the issue lies with your plugin.

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I’m using PHP 8 on some sites without any problem but there are some issues (one is about parsing EXIF metadata) that are still opened.
I’ll try to reproduce the issue and see if is something that is already being addressed.

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I’m sure you are right, and that it is the plugin. For the time being, I do not mind being back on PHP 7.4