Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1

Another few plugins to add (I’m currently in the finishing touches of a project specifically based on CP):

  • Advanced Forms
  • ACF to REST API (this one:
  • ACF Duplicate Repeater
  • ACF Field for OpenStreetMap
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Star Rating Field
  • Peter’s Login Redirect
  • WP Rest Filter
  • WP Nav Plus
  • Frontend Dashboard

cu, w0lf.


Added, thanks @fwolf.

Aren’t those dependent on ACF? ACF core has a minimum of WP 5.0

I’m using ACF Pro on loads of ClassicPress sites. Updates come through without a problem.

ACF Pro does work perfectly well with CP and WP 4.9.x.

Also, the official readme file in both ACF Pro 5.8.8 and 5.8.9 says:

Requires at least: 4.7.0

So I dont know where this requirement of 5.x comes from. Maybe ACF “light”?

cu, w0lf.

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I’ve just published a plugin to integrate the Simple Analytics privacy friendly analytics service into ClassicPress/WordPress. We (my company, Refined Practice) use ClassicPress for a number of sites - including our own - so I’ll be sure to keep this compatible with ClassicPress in the future.

You can find the plugin on the WordPress repository by searching for rp-simple-analytics - the same search should find us on GitHub as well for development/issue reporting.


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Pretty Links works well on ClassicPress


I found this Testimonial plugin, Easy Testimonial Slider and Form, when looking for one that allowed customers to add their own.

The free version even allows you to use the front-end form to allow customers to add them. Most plugins need the paid version to do that.

I was so impressed, I bought the paid version to get the extra functions, such as star ratings, straightaway.

It is only a one-time $15 price, which is much cheaper than most. A bit of CSS tweaking in my child theme and everything is set up just how I want it.

I can confirm that the WordPress plugin “Beautiful Taxonomy Filters” works perfectly in ClassicPress.

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Comic Easel works just fine.

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Hello, thank you @azurecurve and everyone for providing this info. This is a much needed resource for CP users, and I am grateful.

However, I think this post is just too long to be usable. Could we not create a custom directory for this? A…Z in a web page? ACF or a custom post type or form etc. People could leave comments on individual plugins (with a custom post type) vs. a massive comment stream.

Just throwing it out there. :wink:


Floodspark creator here. We’d love for the inclusion of our plugin Counterespionage Firewall (v1.5.0 as of right now).

Tonight’s testing of protection against WPScan has passed.

[email protected]


Hi Floodspark and welcome!

I should point out that your plugin is listed as WordPress Version: 5.3.2 or higher. This means in ClassicPress it appears as incompatible.



We are actively working on both an interim improvement and a permanent solution for this.

For the interim, we will be making available a list of plugins via a Google sheet. This document builds on the great work carried out by @azurecurve in this post but presents the information in a more accessible format. More about this to follow shortly.

The longer term solution is, of course, the plugin directory that @james is currently working on.

Rest assured that both will be available just as soon as is humanly possible. If not sooner :slight_smile:


Thanks @1stepforward, this is an important reply and I just wanted to confirm that it is 100% correct.

This is also correct - declaring compatibility for ClassicPress is currently done by declaring compatibility for WP 4.9, since they are very similar at the code level. @Floodspark if you are able to decrease this “minimum supported version” field in your plugin then we’d be happy to add it.

Also, another thing that some plugin authors are doing to indicate official support or at least acknowledgment of testing on ClassicPress is to add a ClassicPress section to their readme, like this:

If you’re able to take the first or both of these steps then we’d greatly appreciate it.


Awesome! I do realize all the hard work this takes - so thank you.


I have always thought that James seemed suspiciously super-human. Should we organise a Voight-Kampff test?


Please see new Plugins Compatible with ClassicPress topic.

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