Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


Confirming that Regenerate Thumbnails works as expected. Also used Duplicator to clone a site from localhost to http without issue.


Autoptimize is working as expected.

Spoken Word is working as expected. Note that if it is used with Autoptimize, you will need to list dialog-polyfill.js and spoken-word.js as scripts to exclude (in Autoptimize’s settings) to ensure the player, well, plays. This is not an error.


Thanks @jfmayer and @CodePotent


Following appear to be working fine on 1.0.0-beta2:

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InfiniteWP seems fine. I had sites linked before migration and they remain active and accessible after moving to CP. They show up as Wordpress version 4.9.9. I’ve contacted support to ask if they will consider supporting CP.

Update: Have just received a reply from InfiniteWP. They told me: “I have now requested our testing team to try out the InfiniteWP on ClassicPress to check the compatibility. Once they are done with their testing, I will get back to you with their findings.”

That sounds promising.


NextGen Gallery and NextGen Pro (from Imagely) are good with CPv1. Have asked about support prospects on the WP support forum and it hasn’t been removed (yet).

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Yesterday I released a new plugin, Remove WP Update Nags, which I basically put together specifically for people who would like to remain on WP 4.9.x, but don’t want to be nagged/tempted all the time to click on the update links.

It removes the footer nag too and replaces it with the current version and there I added support for ClassicPress too.


Great idea!

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Thanks @1stepforward and @ozfiddler


Can confirm Advanced Custom Fields (and Advanced Custom Fields Pro) work fine on ClassicPress. Currently have that on every single one of our sites with no issue.


Thanks @octoxan

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MainWP is confirmed working too, at least for plugin updates.


I went through the list that is already posted and removed any plugins that I use and were already listed. These are the plugins I have that are working fine that I didn’t see listed.

All-in-One Event Calendar by
bbPress New UI
Cookie Notice
Count Per Day
Custom Meta Widget
Edit Author Slug
GD bbPress Tools
Leaflet Maps Marker
List category posts
My Calendar
My Private Site
Restrict Widgets
Show IDs
Theme My Login
Ultimate Category Exclude
Weather Atlas Widget
WP Photo Album Plus


Thanks @pieter and @BMJinGA.

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I just checked Ads inserter Pro, Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads work in Cp


Can me One explanation
Here is the story of plugins witch working on V1
how much I know v1 has not yet started with work
(maybe I’m wrong)
we are still on beta
I still keep the beta v1 to see how this will all work out


Yes, you are right. Version 1 is officially not released yet (late Jan 2019 I think), so beta is the available version. But there should be very few changes, so it is assumed that anything that’s working with beta will be fine with version 1.


Here are some add-ons that work well with me
ClassicPress beta V1 (I do not dare on beta v2)
Maybe some are already announcement

Aspexi Facebook Like Box Slider
BAW Login/Logout menu
CF7 Invisible reCAPTCHA
DC CODE User Avatar
Erident Custom Login and Dashboard
Forget About Shortcode Buttons
KVTinyMCE Editor Add Fonts
Mechanic Visitor Counter
GDPR Cookie Consent
Simple Content Templates
Site Offline
Ultimate Member
WP Edit
ARI Adminer
Custom Skins Contact Form 7
Featured Image by URL
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
Post Grid
Broken Link Checker
Cimy User Manager
Currently Reading
Email Users
Simple User Avatar


Thanks @Jaime and @JerryNidzo

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I have migrated one website so far, and on a host that does not support error logging. That will change in a couple of months, when I will be able to migrate the website to another server. So I will try to test my ClassicPress installation on a staging server in the meantime.

I have about 30 plugins, which I see work perfectly so far. The only one that is not fully compatible is the firewall plugin, Shield (Shield Security.

It does no recognize the core files. It has a feature that scans the core files and compare them to the official ones on the repository. So it detected the ClassicPress files as not beeing legitimate WordPress files. Other than that it works fine.

I will try to contact the plugin developers and ask them if the plan to support ClassicPress.

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