Post Notif - an opportunity for a CP developer

I was using a plugin with WP called Post Notif - basically it notifies (email) subscribers to new posts in the categories of their interest

couple things i really liked about this plug; the developer, Devon, is a great guy, the plugin is well thought out, and it’s completely self contained (no reliance on any 3rd party) - Post Notif is the only plugin i ever found that met my standards

the developer stopped working on it after WP forced the ‘Gooberborg’ editor on us

i asked Jeff Star to take over development and he said he would, but he’s obviously too busy (i think it’s been nearly a year) and so i’m looking for someone else to pick it up

i think this plug has potential but it needs just a little work to fix some bugs and i think it could be even more useful if it allowed people to subscribe to page updates in addition to categories


Yeah, I don’t even know where he finds the time to do what he does.

You mentioned that the plugin had some bugs that needed fixing, but, the repo looks empty. While I probably can’t take this plugin on, it may be helpful to other potentials if you can list out what you’re finding as bugs – this would give them a heads up on what it might take to get the plugin into working order.


I ran the plugin for a quick test. The only error I’m seeing is:

Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated ... on line 277

You can fix this by opening ../includes/class-post-notif-widget.php and commenting out line 277:

// add_action( 'widgets_init', create_function( '', 'register_widget("Post_Notif_Widget");' ) );

…then, in post-notif.php, add this at the end of the file:

add_action('widgets_init', 'notif_register_widget');
function notif_register_widget() {

I didn’t run every feature of the plugin…just installed and looked at the admin. The above will fix the create_function() error. I’d just go ahead and edit the plugin file since it won’t be receiving any more updates.


I would suggest holding off on editing the plugin directly, since this type of situation is a very good fit for our “holding area” at @1stepforward if you are in agreement, how about we fork this plugin over to there?


Yes, definitely. It should make a good research project.

I can’t see it needing too much work really. The latest version is tested up to WP4.9. It probably just needs updating for PHP7+.



Issue reports and pull requests welcome :slight_smile:


very nice guys!

sorry for not replying earlier, but i was never sent a mail about new replies

the bugs i found were somewhat minor and could be worked around, however when i recently tried to use Post Notif again, it wouldn’t work at all - i’ll test again and report issues in the GH repo