Premium Plugin Models

Freemium/premium plugins seem to usually fall into some amalgamation of the following basic models.

  1. one-time payment
  2. recurring subscription
  3. per-domain licensing
  4. incremental per-domain licensing
  5. unlimited domain licensing

Are there any new ideas floating around? Any innovations on this front?

I feel I’m missing something.
Not about the kinds of premium models but about updates.

  • a plugin can be in the wp repo, and updates are already handled by the core
  • a plugin is free and it’s on github, and the core can handle that
  • a plugin is at codecanyon, and adding support to updates from codecanyon (which has APIs for this) could be considered

But if (totally fool idea) I (me, because those days are hot and I’m getting mad) decide to serve updates to my customer sending diffs via whatsapp :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: my plugin can be added to the directory but users will find a bad experience upgrading.
Surely CP can’t handle every developer’s way for updates, and I’m thinking if is it right to include links to something the core would not update later…

Um… My post is about models of selling premium plugins… not about the plugin directory. :wink:

Sorry, i thought was somehow related :persevere:

Really :sweat_smile:

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OP is referring to business models.
So these relate to who pays, when they pay and how they pay.

You would consider whether directory design is supportive of your business model or not, but the two are not directly related.


Two business models: Freemium and Paid.
Two pricing models in each business model: one-time and subscription.
Per-domain discounts, etc - too much complexity, I’d like to stay on those 4 options.