RC1 download includes Classic Editor and extra themes

The download of RC1 includes the Classic Editor plugin and both WordPress and ClassicPress versions of the three themes.

Expected behavior

Don’t include Classic Editor or WP version of themes.

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On fresh installs or on updates?

Fresh install. These are screenshots of the files extracted from the zip:

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In terms of the themes, I think this is expected. My understanding is that the child themes are intended to be used by ClassicPress (to avoid theme updates overwriting the ClassicPress footer notice). If that is the case, the parent themes would need to be in there.


Ya the themes are expected, the Classic Editor isn’t - I will test when I get home.

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I didn’t take a close enough look to realise themes were child themes.

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I thought the inclusion of the Classic Editor plugin was a bit odd. But I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was to help with the migration from WP 5.x sites - I can’t remember the context though.

The Classic Editor plugin was a packaging mistake with the 1.0.0-rc1 release. That’s getting removed in 1.0.0-rc2, due out Wednesday, February 27. More details here: ClassicPress 1.0.0 Release Update

The child theme situation is not super obvious either - I will see if we can add some messages that explain better what is going on there.

To summarize what’s going on there, the ClassicPress Twenty* child themes exist to allow updating to the latest version of their parent themes from WordPress, but keep the correct “Powered by ClassicPress” text in the site footer.


This is about the best we can do here, until we have our own theme directory and/or our own default themes.

There is a pull request up on GitHub, comments and testing welcome so that we can get this into 1.0.0-rc2 confidently:

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