Redirection to Yahoo in Chrome when going to Admin Page

I’m getting redirected to the Yahoo page whenever I try going to my admin page.

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The best place to start is by analyzing what has changed since you were last able to access the admin page.

A new software added to your PC?
A new plugin or two? If so, which one(s).
A new theme activated? If so, which one?
A setting change either on the site or cPanel?

A you the only one with Administrator privileges?

Have you tried using a different browser to access the admin page?

A link to the site might also be helpful to better understand the issue.


Try this one first. It sounds like your browser may have been hijacked by malware.


Actually it appears to be Google Chrome doing it, and that largely because their code is defective.

Google Chrome shouldn’t do this by itself.

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I have, and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s Google Chrome that’s to blame. GC is just too friendly with malware.

If you suspect it’s Chrome, have you tried a different browser such as Firefox or IE (or Safari)?

Have you tried accessing the site from a different machine? If you give us the link to your site, we can check to see what happens at our end.

Is this a ClassicPress site or a WordPress site?

Are you having problems with any other sites?

Can you access the site itself (the public-facing part)?

What happens if you go to instead of

Have you cleared your browser cache / cookies?

Do you have anti-virus software installed on your machine? Is it up to date?

Is your browser up to date?


I have tried Opera. I have not had this problem with another site. I can access the public face, just not the admin through Chrome.

Added some more context to the title so that people looking for generic redirection advice can better distinguish this thread.


Try uninstalling Chrome, reboot your system and once done download and install a fresh copy of the browser.

Alternatively you can check Chrome’s installed extensions => chrome://extensions/ to see if any of them might the culprit.

EDIT: Also, in the address bar what do you see after redirect_to= when you visit yourdomain.tld/wp-login.php? (this might appear very briefly since the browser is not staying on the page!)


Try incognito mode, it will disable all extenions.


Opera and Chrome both use the same engine so if everything works fine with Opera but not Chrome, then there are plenty of solutions offered in this thread to try and sort it out. Such as:

  • clear browser cache / cookies
  • use incognito mode
  • uninstall / reinstall Chrome
  • run a virus scan (assuming you’ve got anti-virus software installed).

Without more info, there’s not much more we can do to help.

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