Reminders for new cp doc

This is merely a reminder for imminent tasks to be done on new site.

:small_red_triangle: important, priority (showstopper)
:large_orange_diamond: should be done, but not a mandatory. (Has alternative, but has has urgency)
:large_blue_diamond: must, but not functionality related (more like SEO, style, yada yada, thus no urgency)
:white_check_mark: resolved/done

:white_check_mark: Proper content type and "categorisation" (See CSV for redirects in progress here)
:white_check_mark: fix server permission issues so we can at least give ability to upload and delete plugins or theme (files)
:large_blue_diamond: Change Email address in site settings to point to a director’s email.
:large_blue_diamond: Privacy Page needed for DOC page (for CP Software only)
:large_orange_diamond: Add CodePotent Syntax Highlighter if it works (test locally first). Syntax Highlighter is unsafe even if used by others :slight_smile:
:white_check_mark: if possible fix server issue to let program read files.
:white_check_mark: add plugin guides cpt and create list thereof in parent page.
:white_check_mark: add user guides and create list thereof in parent page.
:white_check_mark: optimize meta tags (really: add and fix)
:white_check_mark: bring back discourse plugin
:white_check_mark: update ClassicPress (really, this is puzzling me. Our own site is outdated)
:white_check_mark: Leave a comment link should be hidden
:white_check_mark: Page title only ever "ClassicPress"
:white_check_mark: Broken image on secuirty page guide
:white_check_mark: Write introduction for new User Guides Section

At this stage we’ll be ok to make blog post announcement.
(Blog post is drafted already, under revision)

Then, some things will need to be done in code, to make the theme lighter and bring functionality to plugins.

We will have to check things like:
:white_check_mark: Shortcodes on User Guide page
:white_check_mark: Docs site needs a footer
:white_check_mark: Add ClassicPress logo
:white_check_mark: Remove emoji support
:white_check_mark: Remove Google Font


Please get in touch with me on Slack about this. We can also fix the Discourse auth at the same time.

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Thanks @james

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Post is published.
As far I am concerned, most of the tasks here are good.

I couldn’t find any Code Syntax thingy on any of our plugins so I doubt it exists, but I pinged @Code_Potent in slack just to be sure.

@James we still need to change the main email of the doc site, not sure if you had time to setup the mail features?

Other than that only the privacy policy for CP as a Software is missing, but I believe that is rather unrelated to the DOC page anyway.

Thus as soon we can solve the syntax highlight thingy we can close here.
PS: SyntaxHighlighter in latest version would not be unsafe, however, the thing is they updated to be compatible with Blocks. Thus, we would not only have references of some weirdo block scripts in source of the site, but also risk the plugin suddenly stops working with our way of doing things, thus I can still not recommend it, even if this is how the whole system was intended to work in its origin.

One option that might work and should be relatively simple to implement into the theme (or as a small plugin) is to use EnlighterJS. Their WordPress plugin won’t be compatible with CP, but we can just use EnlighterJS itself. If we do go this route, we might want to split that into its own topic.

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not in the theme
There are several syntax highlighters out there. One that’s been around awhile is but there is one bundled in CP and that’s Code Mirror, although that is for editing code. I’m not sure if it can do the highlighting without the edit part.

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Proceeding in

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