Remove Google Font

Doc’s site uses Open Sans hosted by Google Fonts. This should either be self-hosted or switched to system font so there are no privacy/GDPR issues.


that’s requiring edit in code
I can do it once I’ve access (after Wednesday) or @james perhaps


Removed Google Fonts and simply falling back to system fonts for now.

I am not sure if CP has some sort of preferred fonts.
If so, let me know.


The design is supposed to be this:

font-family: "Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Verdana, sans-serif;

Not that I’m a great fan of either Source Sans Pro or Helvetica Neue. I much prefer DejaVu Sans and Bitstream Vera Sans, both of which also seem to me make much more sense if the fallback is Verdana (from which they were both derived).

If you want to host the font, you can specify it in the CSS, but otherwise, it’s best for supporting multiple languages and devices to simply use
font-family: sans-serif
and the user’s preferred font will be used.

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Source Sans Pro is the “official” ClassicPress font for logos, marketing materials, etc.

ClassicPress itself uses system fonts.

For the documentation site I think either choice is fine, and system fonts is definitely the most lightweight choice so marking this as solved.