Revenue Discussion


Hi @voltaire -

I think it’s pretty clear that we are not a “boiler room” agency by any stretch. We are all volunteers who do other work full time – in my own case, I am a solopreneur and so every minute I donate to ClassicPress needs to be spent wisely. Right now it’s being spent as lead of the Design Team, which is creating the Brand Style Guide to lay the foundation for everything moving forward.

Scott did outline some tasks that needed doing – we asked for your help. You chose not to take on those tasks. That’s fine – no worries. I also seem to remember inviting you to share a marketing strategy proposal, am I mis-remembering that?

In no way are we trying to be disrespectful of the experience that you offer – certainly you’ve shared often how much marketing experience you have and how now you are semi-retired, and that’s great. I’m sure you’ve had a wonderfully successful career.

I can only speak for myself – I don’t pretend to know everything about marketing, or branding, or web design. I also don’t know everything about leadership. But, even when I don’t agree with a particular decision, I’m going to do what’s asked of me and do it cheerfully, because I know that infighting doesn’t move ClassicPress forward.

Respectfully, I invite you to find a way to be part of the ClassicPress Community in a positive, constructive manner.


Is there an active to-do list everyone can see? If not, maybe it would be a good idea to have to-do lists that people can see and decide what they can help with. Similar to how issues on GitHub get assigned and resolved.

They can be prioritized to help people see what’s more important and needs more immediate attention, but people can choose to work on a task that fits their skills, willingness, and time. This might need to be a separate thread, if there’s none.

Instead of making “get involved” general and ambiguous, it would make it specific and digestible. For example, promoting CP is rather ambiguous, but sending pre-defined tweet once a day is doable. That’s just an example.

My 2 cents.


Hi Viktor,

I think to-do lists are a great idea and I’m happy to help move that ball forward once the style guide has been released. There are quite a few good ideas out there, and organizing them better would be helpful for everyone. Thanks for sharing your 2 cents!



I understand. I’m disappointed, but I understand.