Sale Tactics - ClassicPress missing link?

We gotta new product - wanna try?

ClassicPress obviously got a serious great team of developers :slight_smile: But I think some PR help from outside sources could be highly beneficial for it’s future. As an example - here are two mobile home screens of ClassicPress vs WordPress. Look at how WordPress sells you whereas ClassicPress do not.

I am only suggesting that a more simplified way of selling ClassicPress be formulated.



I don’t disagree, though at the same time our Community First approach I think is our biggest differentiator. We aren’t used by 30% of the internet but we are community run and everyone has a say in decisions at the end of the day.

Feedback is always helpful though, so if you have specific suggestions on wording we can definitely discuss it. Along with input from everyone else :slightly_smiling_face:

Also pinging @BlueSkyPhoenix


@roald I agree – some PR help from outside sources would be great. That said – who can we get to volunteer to help?

The website has already undergone several iterations. Although this is common and we’re always open to improvements, the other part of that is having a marketing plan in place that drives traffic to the website. Currently, there is no plan, and part of that is because there is no one with available time to do the work of implementing the plan.

I am creating the agenda for our Marketing Meeting this week and am tagging you. Hope you can make it.


Outside does not necessarily mean outside the ClassicPress community - I feel that when a developer tries to sell - the sentences get to long and not to the selling point.
The ClassicPress description should sell itself within the first 15 seconds of reading :slight_smile:

Well, I can tell you that a developer didn’t write that copy. However, it was written with heavy input from the developers in the community.

If you have some better ideas, please share them! Happy to hear them.