Sell 'featured' plugin slots to sponsors

WP chooses to plug Automattic-owned ones, even when better ones exist.

This is a potential source of income for the CP project.

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Author: Ian

Vote count: 13

Status: open


The main issue here, as @Code_Potent says, is that someone will need to assess the plugin for quality and that will be very time consuming. On paper, I’d be in favour but in practice, I think the return would not be worth the effort.


Sorry but I struggle with this proposal. No plugin should gain any advantage because they have donated money to ClassicPress. Plugins, and themes for that matter, should stand on their own merit.

ClassicPress should not appear to endorse or favor any theme or plugin for any reason. This is a slippery slope, and I’ve seen it evolve at

I just don’t think this kind of approach will serve the ClassicPress Community in a good way.


If you think of it in terms of donations and/or endorsement, then I agree and I’d be strongly against that also. If you think of it as a form of advertising - which is how I initially interpreted the petition - then it could have some merit.

However, I’d much rather all plugin developers start from an equal playing field.

Overall, I can see this being fraught with difficulties and very time-consuming. It would also need to be strictly regulated. On that basis, I agree with @kevinhaig.

It’s a thumbs down from me.



Fact is that CP as WP is, will be a big organization in the future.
Advertising a theme or plugin (being paid to put it in front of people) feels like CP as a whole favours this dev over the others IMHO. And this is something to be very careful about…

For the reasons listed…


Same for me…

As noted above, it would be difficult to implement this equitably and it could be seen as exhibiting favoritism or providing mechanisms to buy one’s way into the community – definitely things we want to avoid. Given the limited space for ad placement, it would also have limited returns.

To be clear, I have no problem with ClassicPress being monetized in various ways. Personally, I think a CP-tuned, managed hosting package is the best path forward in terms of monetization. And, a store with swag…of course!