Shared hosting

Dreamhost, mentioned by @anon71687268, seem to be one of the clearest about what they’re offering. I’ll think about their VPS offering.

Essentially yes, RunCloud lets you create or connect to a basic unmanaged (cheap) VPS from a variety of providers (UpCloud, Linode, Digital Ocean, etc), and it installs a complete stack on it (PHP, Apache, MySQL, Nginx, firewall, etc), which it then helps you manage in a wonderfully simple console.
So for $15/month (RunCloud) plus maybe $10/month (your VPS), you have a VPS that will run 50+ low traffic sites and will never be vulnerable to problems with other hosting customers in the way that shared hosting is.
And you still have root ssh access if that’s your thing.

Personally very happy with Krystal’s UK based shared hosting - currently running 40 sites on my Reseller account, performing consistently well over the past 2 years -

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@azurecurve Ian, did you received my DM about managed VPS hosting?

For all ClasicPress supporters. If you want to host on our managed VPS at prime cost of hardware, please, DM me. No strings attached, we want to support those, who support ClassicPress.

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Hi Linas,

Yes, I did get your message, but I’ve been ill recently and not about much due to it.

I will be in touch with you soon.

Thanks very much for the offer.

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Dreamhost is good. May be give it a try?