Shield security plugin doesn't know how to check ClassicPress core files


Hi all,

I’m very enthisiastic about ClassicPress. A client didn’t like Gutenberg, so I proposed him to migrate to ClassicPress. He agreed, so here I am.

I’ve just migrated yesterday, and my client’s website is on a crappy host that does not support error logging, so I cannot be sure if the plugins I’ve been using on WP work seamlessly yet. I will have to wait a little longer.

But I’m looking forward for this project to go well and succed. I’m impressed so far with the community and the roadmap set for ClassicPress.

I’m not a dev but a designer, but I would like to see many devs support CP with their plugins.

Currently, the security plugin (“Shield”) I use is the only one incompatible with ClassicPress, to a certain point. It does not recognize the core files as beeing legimitate. Other than that it works, and all the other work perfectly so far.

Thank you

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Hi @DiegoBCalderon and welcome! Glad you’re here (fellow designer here). Regarding your security plugin, it sounds similar to the problems Wordfence users have encountered. Have you tried contacting them to see if they will add support for ClassicPress?


Here are a couple of template emails you can use for this:


Hi Diego. Wordfence is the same - you have to untick “Scan core files against repository versions for changes” and “Scan wp-admin and wp-includes for files not bundled with WordPress”.

I suspect Shield has the same issue. Can you turn this off somehow?

You may be interested in a list we are compiling of CP-friendly plugins in various categories. Options for "must-have" plugins

You can keep checking here to see how things are progressing.


Paul, Shield’s developer, said he’s waiting on v1.0 before making Shield compatible with CP.



@ozfiddler Yes, I had disabled the “hack protection” feature (which scans the core files and compares them to WP repository). That was the only thing not working.

If the developer says he will eventually support CP, I will reinstall it because I prefer Shield over other solutions. In the meantime, I’ve tried with a couple other plugins. Now I’m with Bulletproof Security which is a good alternative.

I have seen the plugin list, I will try to test the other ones in my CP instance to see if they go well within a few weeks and suggest to add them. Now they have no problem whatsoever. Except perhaps UpdraftPlus, who treats CP as WP 4.9.9.

@BlueSkyPhoenix @james I am no premium customer so I don’t think they will reply an email because they have to prioritize customers, perhaps I could post to the WP forums, or the website.

@viktor Very glad to hear that, perhaps I will reinstall it and wait, just disabling the “hack protection” feature.

Thank you


That’s fine, but please be aware there are 2 different lists - the one I linked to shows plugin developers who are definitely supporting CP in the long-term (plus some promising possibilities on the horizon). There is another thread for plugins currently working with CPv1: Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


@DiegoBCalderon , @viktor Just letting you know that with Shield Security v7 released today, core file scanning on ClassicPress is supported. Drop me a line if you discover something breaking in the betas or elsewhere.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Options for "must-have" plugins

Thanks Paul, great news. I don’t have any Shield Pro on CP site yet, but our main site will be migrated to CP with the redesign soon. I’m looking forward to using it there.


@Paul That’s great, I will reactivate Shield on my CP instance and let you know. It’s great for me since I got to know Shield better than other security plugins

Thank you :smiley:


Yes, great news. I’ll be testing it out too. :slightly_smiling_face:


hey Viktor, the CP support isn’t a “pro” feature as the core file scanner is free. I just made the necessary adjustments to pull in CP files from github


This is great news about Shield. I had been playing with GOTMLS malware scanner plugin which is happy to scan CP as well as WP, but it has no scan scheduler.
I think Shield’s free version scanner only scans core files, not plugins or themes, but that’s still a good milestone for ClassicPress users.


Just a quick heads up. We’ve just discovered a potential bug for CP and Shield which will throw an error during scans and so they appear they aren’t running.

We’ve provided a fix (which will be included in the next Shield release v7.0.4+) and you can download the latest trunk build from for now.
Install from:



Thanks for the quick work Paul. I’m testing this out now and will let you know.


@Paul I’ve just tested the WordPress Core & Unrecognised Core Files scans on my CP instance and they worked OK

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