Shortcodes Everywhere 1.0.0 RC1

:new: Shortcodes Everywhere 1.0.0 RC1

Quickly enable shortcodes in any ClassicPress context! Posts, pages, widgets, excerpts, category and tag descriptions, comments – you decide where you want shortcodes to run and the plugin makes it happen.

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Shortcodes Everywhere is a fresh take on an old idea. While it allows you to enable shortcodes in extra places, it also allows you to disable them from any context just as easily. Want to use shortcodes in excerpts and comments? No problem! Want to prevent shortcodes in posts or pages? No problem! This is another laser-focused, purpose-built plugin made just for ClassicPress! Learn More :arrow_upper_right:

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Download Shortcodes Everywhere 1.0.0 RC1

:spiral_notepad: Upgrade Notes

  1. If you are using another plugin to enable shortcodes, this is a replacement for it. Once you are satisfied that Shortcodes Everywhere will meet your needs, be sure to remove your old plugin to avoid running duplicative functionality (ie, bloat) on your site.

  2. If you are using an early version (<1.0.0) of this plugin, uninstall and delete it before installing the new version. The early version didn’t have an update method – the new version does, so, this extra step is a one-time thing. Going forward, updates will be made available in your dashboard, like usual.

  3. If you used any filters provided by version 0.1.0, version 1.0.0 has a proper admin interface to replace the filters. When version 1.0.0 is activated, it will automatically map your filters to the new settings schema. You can safely remove (or ignore) any filters you previously applied.

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See the online documentation. If your issue isn’t covered, please create a dedicated thread in the Plugin Support forum.

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Visit Dashboard > Settings > Shortcodes for quick setup.


It would be helpful if there were an explanation of the Disable, like “you will see the shortcode as written” or “the shortcodes will be hidden”.

Does this handle the expectation of having a global $post variable set? (which is why shortcodes aren’t enabled by default everywhere)

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This is a good point and I’ll get it in. In actuality, shortcodes are neither printed as plaintext, nor are they hidden…they’re fully stripped for contexts where they have been disabled. The rationale behind this is that it looks terrible when a site has raw shortcodes displaying – well, and the logic was exceptionally simpler.

Perhaps I’m not understanding what you’re getting at here. The plugin doesn’t use the global $post; it hooks in on pre_get_posts. Can you elaborate a bit on what you’re thinking might be problematic?

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The reason that WP didn’t enable shortcodes everywhere is that they were designed to be in content, which is shown “In the Loop”, therefore it has a global $post variable and all the query stuff available. Not all shortcodes need that, but some do, and enabling them in widgets or comments can cause errors because those contexts are not “In the Loop”.
I thnk there was some change made, perhaps when they were converting widgets to blocks (or maybe when they added all the more recent widgets), but I’m not sure (and not sure what it would be either).

Thanks. I see what you’re saying and will think on it.

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Good one, Love the way you could toggle on and off. I would for sure try this one.

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