Sidebar Login v1.3.4 released

Sidebar Login adds a useful login widget which can be used to login from in the sidebar of your ClassicPress powered blog; once a user logs in they are redirected back to the page they logged in from rather than the admin panel (this is configurable).

The following tags can be used in the widget settings for titles and links and will be replaced at runtime:

  • %username% - logged in users display name
  • %userid% - logged in users ID
  • %firstname% - logged in users firstname
  • %lastname% - logged in users lastname
  • %name% - logged in users firstname and lastname
  • %admin_url% - url to WP admin
  • %logout_url% - logout url
  • %avatar% - User Avatar


  • Due to AJAX not working across different domains (see same_origin_policy), AJAX logins will be disabled if your site it non-SSL, but the FORCE_SSL_ADMIN constant is set to true. Instead it will fallback to a traditional POST.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Changelog

  • Update readme files.
  • Update language template.
  • Fix bug with azurecurve menu.

:arrow_down: Download

Download from Github to manually install; if you already have the plugin installed, an update will be available in the admin dashboard.

:man_juggling:: Support

If you have any problems to log or features to request, contact me via the Plugin Support Forum or you can log an issue via the Github repo.

:bulb: Issues/Ideas

I’m keen to resolve any issues and happy to consider functionality requests, so please get in touch if you want to report a problem or ask for new functionality.

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