Site has SSL cert from Cloudflare

My site displays as https and the pages display as being secure. However, members are required to log in to post and the login page is displaying (in Firefox at least) as not secure.

How do I fix this? What needs fixing?

It’s possible that specific page has some assets using HTTP, such as an image, CSS or JS files. This would be considered not secure and show a warning.

Open Chrome devtools (F12) and go to Console tab. It should show what assets are loaded over HTTP with a red warning.

My guess, some image might still be using HTTP. That’s usually the culprit in these situations.


I was about to say what @viktor said or the site address is still set to the http version so the login link is acting insecure for example:
Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 8.46.46 PM

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Thanks! Yes, it was an image issue.


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