Site showcase – websites built with ClassicPress

With version 1.0.0 out in the wild, we will probably start seeing more sites created with ClassicPress. This is just a quick post to get a conversation started around the possibility of creating a site showcase.


I think there’s a problem with this idea.
If we start featuring all CP sites now without selection criteria we will end up having a very heavy showcase list.
A showcase works two ways usually, it’s a way we have to push CP in front of prospects, and it’s a way for ClassicPressers to drive traffic to their site. That means everyone will want to be featured.
For now it is possible to feature everyone, but in the future maintaining such a list will be an huge task IMHO.
But in case we set rules it’s a great idea.
Some rules:

  • Featuring sites for one month
  • Selecting one site for every category every month with a random draw
  • Letting people submit their site (so that only people interested access featuring)
  • A sites gets featured once in a year, owner can submit again the next year

I agree with Elisabetta, if you take as example (is the italian in the bottom there is a list of wbsite built with wp).
I helped years ago on the italian community on that list and we saw that is better a way to send the websites and a group that screen them to have the best one but also interesting user case.
As showcase we want not all the websites but the best one to show the powerfulness of the project but also interesting cases that can show how much can be easy to do a website.
If we do a public list we cannot do a good promotion of the project and no one will care about the content.


Clarification: I’m in no way suggesting that every site should be listed, now or ever. That would be a directory, not a showcase. :wink: I suspect the CP ecosystem will be similar to the WP ecosystem – lots of nice sites with very few rising to showcase quality… So, yes, some pretty strict standards need to be in place.

Having entries drop off the list after a month or two will probably be counterproductive. For example, if sites are dropping off the list faster than they can be added, or, if cookie-cutter sites start getting added to fill gaps, it wouldn’t be a showcase for long. I think it’s fair to assume that the vast, vast majority of sites will be just another ClassicPress site rather than being showcase level experiences. Along those lines, a better solution might be to simply keep them listed (and uncategorized in the beginning) and randomize the display for fairer play. I’d probably also not even publicize a showcase until there were at least a couple dozen absolutely amazing sites to flesh it out.


This was brought up again today in Slack:

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Probably useful.


UOk, fwiw, I would like to submit my site for the category MUSIC. Understand this is only at the discussion stage but I have always been a believer in DO IT NOW. Site is


Since a lot of y’all are big music fans. you might find it fun to know that is running on ClassicPress. MusicOnCD releases old, often hard to find, CDs with remastered artwork and sound quality.


Very sharp

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A music fan boy is coming soon…:smiley: