So easy to update to WP 5 by mistake

After selecting plugins to update, the plugin update button is very inconspicuous, meanwhile the main WP Update button is sat there in vivid blue beckoning people to click on it, that’s twice I’ve done it now - luckily my host has twice daily backups.

(I’m currently trying to stay on 4.9.9 as I’m not yet sure what will happen re: CP and WooCommerce extensions.)


@james this shouldn’t be happening, right?

I myself do a lot of my updating from the plugins screen, instead of the update screen. It helps keep focus for me.

I think he means in his Wordpress sites, not his Classicpress sites

Oh, maybe I missed that. This is what happens when I haven’t had any caffeine in my system yet. :grimacing:

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Yes, it’s the Wordpress updates page. I just get the feeling I"m being tricked into updating the core Wordpress. Although I’m sure it’s always been like that

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Upgrades that bring major changes should come with big warnings.


But warnings scare off people, the opposite of what Matt wants.

If you’d install my Remove WP Update Nags plugin, you will be save from nags :slight_smile: